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Quick, Throw the Sheep! by ushimooshroom Quick, Throw the Sheep! :iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 1 0 Ballenjolras by ushimooshroom Ballenjolras :iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 0 0 Yosemite Falls by ushimooshroom Yosemite Falls :iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 0 0
minimandy910 Secret Santa- Javert's Christmas
December 25, 1820. Although Javert never failed to attend mass on Sundays, he did not see the point of closing shops and giving everyone a day off from work on Christmas Day. This was his first Christmas in Montreuil-sur-Mer- in other words, his first wasted day in Montreuil-sur-Mer.
He carefully made his bed. Once it was perfect, Javert turned around and noticed that his house plant, which was visible through the open door of his bedroom, was swaying slightly, as if being blown by the wind. This was strange, as all of his windows were closed during the winter. He left his room and looked at his front door. To his surprise, it was open.
It had to have happened during the night, when he was asleep. What Javert could not understand was how the intruder had gotten in without him hearing, and why. He could not have been aiming to harm Javert, and after a quick survey of his surroundings, he concluded that nothing was stolen from the house. Nothing had been touched. Except...
"That's odd."
:iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 9 7
Archeops and Tirtouga by ushimooshroom Archeops and Tirtouga :iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 0 0 In a Purrloin Hat by ushimooshroom In a Purrloin Hat :iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 2 0 WHAAALE by ushimooshroom WHAAALE :iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 2 0 Purple Belugaraffeaver by ushimooshroom Purple Belugaraffeaver :iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 1 2
Two Words
Once there was a blank piece of paper,
Or maybe a blank screen.
You decide, are we in the past or the present?
Maybe it was a blank screen.
Yes, a blank screen is what it was.
Then, words appeared.
Letter by letter,
Each letter appearing every 0.04 seconds on average,
For this person was a very fast typist.
A friend of the author turned to read the words.
There were only two words.
Those words made the friend slam his head on the desk
And shout, I lost The Game.
:iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 1 2
Snowy Canada
Once upon a time there was a girly-looking guy named Snowy Canada. Jk, that's just what some people called him because he lived in a snowy area of town. Yeah, there is one section of the town that was snowy.
So there was this guy and his name was Poland, right? He was, like, totally the most fabulous guy around like, ever. In the whole land. And he still is, by the way. Always has been. But one day, his magical talking plastic pony malfunctioned.
"Magic Pony, most stylish pony not on my wall, who is the most fabulous of them all?" Poland asked.
"BZZT- Snowy Canada BZZT," the magica pony said. Of course, it was malfunctioning, but Poland didn't realize that until later.
"What!?" Poland exclaimed. "That's, like, sooooo not true! I'm like, the most fabulous of them all! Like, totally to the max! If that canuck is more fabulous than me, then I'll, like, have to change that," he said. Poland devised a plan. He hired a man named Russia to get rid of Canada.
"So just, like, get rid of Snowy C
:iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 5 3
It's a Lake by ushimooshroom It's a Lake :iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 0 0 Tomato by ushimooshroom Tomato :iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 1 2 HERO EAGLE by ushimooshroom HERO EAGLE :iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 10 3 Canada Day by ushimooshroom Canada Day :iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 3 0 Kumajiro by ushimooshroom Kumajiro :iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 12 0
The Igloo
The Igloo
On May 12, 2010, a building full of history
depended on a Penguins victory.
The crowd expected one, but in just half a minute
the Canadiens scored and their hopes diminished.
There was still some hope, though. It happened before.
But by period two the deficit was four.
I knew it was hopeless. It had never been done.
No team trailing by the much had ever won!
And then, the Penguins scored! Could they make history?
Go Malkin! Go Kunitz! Go Sindey Crosby!
However, my excitement didn't last long.
I thought they might win. Turns out I was wrong.
Montreal won. The final score was 5-2
and that was the last game at the old Igloo.
'The House Lemieux Built' had been the Penguin's home since the beginning,
but now, it's time to say good-bye to the old building.
Sure, they'll have a new one, but it won't be the same!
Oh, if only they didn't lose The Game.
:iconushimooshroom:ushimooshroom 0 0


Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi Holiday Card Project Stamp :iconheidi:Heidi 2,743 400 Tardis sprites by JohnnyMuffintop Tardis sprites :iconjohnnymuffintop:JohnnyMuffintop 56 45 Best Mask Ever by Muirin007 Best Mask Ever :iconmuirin007:Muirin007 943 128 Be silent by ZhdaNN Be silent :iconzhdann:ZhdaNN 336 99 Phantom_Your Love Redeems Me by Luaprata91 Phantom_Your Love Redeems Me :iconluaprata91:Luaprata91 3,249 453 Mizzies and the Hair Bows [TMM5] by ThreshTheSky Mizzies and the Hair Bows [TMM5] :iconthreshthesky:ThreshTheSky 59 48 Point of No Return - Reprise by bdunn1342 Point of No Return - Reprise :iconbdunn1342:bdunn1342 85 31 PotO: Heaven's arms by cocokat PotO: Heaven's arms :iconcocokat:cocokat 116 26 Eppie Sue by AxmxZ Eppie Sue :iconaxmxz:AxmxZ 6 13 Les Miserables Board Game by JpnGrl4ever Les Miserables Board Game :iconjpngrl4ever:JpnGrl4ever 141 79 Snookums Javert by trenchWeasel Snookums Javert :icontrenchweasel:trenchWeasel 136 23 Breakdancing Enjolras by trenchWeasel Breakdancing Enjolras :icontrenchweasel:trenchWeasel 80 11 Balloon Faces with Javert by Meikoe Balloon Faces with Javert :iconmeikoe:Meikoe 14 29 The Sleeping Bud by MockingbirdFly
Mature content
The Sleeping Bud :iconmockingbirdfly:MockingbirdFly 80 60




United States
A lazy highschooler. I'm writing more than I draw now, and if you'd like to see some of what I've come up with, here's my account:…
Well, I'm not very good at it. But I wanted to share my page thingy anyway.
...Yes, it is new.…
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